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We have been hearing about the contouring technique for some time, and imagine that it can also be applied to future brides. This will enhance the face, especially for photos. However, be sure to respect the golden rule: lightness!

What is contouring?

It is a makeup technique allowing you to redraw the contours of the face by sculpting and structuring your face. Relief and radiance guaranteed!

The goal is to put all your assets in values ​​by playing on the shadows and the light areas of the face.

Here is the recipe for a successful contouring!

Choose the right color

In general, it is better to use rather brown and golden colors such as a mole.

For very light complexions we will stay on a mole but rather pink.

On the other hand, in all cases, colors that are too gray or too dark are avoided.

Choose rather compact powders and use a brush suitable for the domed head.

Never go beyond two shades darker than your skin tone.

Start with the cheekbones and become a pro

We women love to show off our cheekbones. Be careful blushing or contouring are two different things.

Indeed, to redesign your prominent cheekbones, you just need to follow a line from the top of the ear to the outer corner of the lips. Insist on the upper face, blending towards the mouth, this will hollow out your cheekbones and bring out the bulging part.

Once the cheekbones technique is well in hand, you can slightly raise the color towards your temples as well as at the root of your hair to illuminate your face and under your jaw to reshape your chin.

Attention, I insist on the “slightly” you will get married, you are not going to a masked ball!

This will hollow out your cheekbones and bring out the bulging part.

All you have to do is train before D-Day!