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Taninoplastie ? 

Unlike treatments with glyoxilic acid, formaldehyde and derivatives, taninoplasty does not waterproof the hair fiber and repeated applications do not damage the fiber. Therefore, it does not modify the internal structure of the hair like conventional straighteners and it leaves the hair with a natural appearance, more malleable, shiny, silky and resistant.

Is Taninoplasty suitable for all hair types?

It is suitable for curly, wavy, frizzy, curly, thick, damaged, dry, porous hair or simply unruly hair. Consequently, tannin smoothing combines very well with other Japanese smoothing techniques, locks, colors, straightening, henna …

How long do the benefits of taninoplasty last?

The smoothing life is 2 to 6 months.

What are the precautions to take after smoothing with tannin?

Any. Once the smoothing is finished you can tie the hair, wash it, do sports …

Will I have straight hair after smoothing the tannin?

Well no ! Taninoplasty is not a straightening. It is a thermoactive smoothing. In this case, this means that you have to dry the hair with hot air to straighten it (without the need to use a brush or plates). Then, they must be left to air dry to keep the natural curl without the volume or the frizzy effect.

What result can we expect?

In fact, your hair will be smooth, silky and shiny. In addition, they will regain their flexibility and a reduced volume.

My hair is very damaged, will Taninoplasty work miracles in one session?
Of course ! At the first straightening, the repair of the hair is 80%. 90% in the second and 100% in the third.

In case of very damaged hair, the ideal is to make 2 smoothings with tannin at 20 days apart.

Is tannin smoothing compatible with colored or highlighted hair?

The tannin smoothing can be applied without changing the colors and is ideal for repairing streaked hair

Can we make a color after doing a Taninoplasty smoothing?

Color can be done on the same day as smoothing. however it is advisable to do the smoothing before the color.

Can we do the locks on the same day as the straightening?

Yes, the streaks are done before smoothing. The tannin rebuilds the protein chain of the hair so repairs damaged hair.

Are there any contraindications to taninoplasty?

No, no contraindication. smoothing can be done on pregnant women and on children (smoothing with tannin does not contain any toxic product)

What precautions to take for maintenance

To keep the benefits of smoothing and prolong its effect over time, it is advisable to use the specific Ojon oil skincare line.