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Ombre Hair et Tie and dye Ombre Hair et Tie and dyeOmbre Hair et Tie and dyeOmbre Hair et Tie and dye
Since the advent of tie and dye, many other coloring techniques have emerged, while keeping the same spirit: illuminate the tips for sunny hair. Shaded hair is one of them and is often mistakenly confused with it. Discover everything there is to know, from style to technique to maintenance!
If the shadow hair and tie and dye are sisters, they are not twins.

The difference between the two coloring trends is subtle, but there is one. Indeed, they share the same style, that is to say dark roots and light tips, but not completely the same effect. A tie and dye displays a clear demarcation unlike the shaded hair. This technique introduces intermediate shades for a smooth gradient.

These two flagship colors are now also available. The tie and dye gave birth to the dip dye, the points then no longer have a sun effect, but rather a rainbow, with pink, blue points … The shaded, for its part, gave way to sunken hair. Many stars already won over to ombré hair have abandoned it to their advantage. The difference ? An even more natural result with strands starting closer to the roots.

The ombre hair technique: discoloration

A shaded hair is a progressive discoloration. You can ask your hairdresser or do your coloring yourself. There are ready-made kits containing lightening creams suited to the image of the “Les Ombrés Préférence” collection by L’Oréal Paris, which offers 4 different shades depending on your base color. Tips: read the instructions carefully before you start and take into account the length of your hair to assess where you want to start your sunny gradient.

Healthy hair for a beautiful shade

For a beautiful ombre hair, take care of your hair before and after bleaching. Before, make sure you hydrate them well, especially the tips. It may be useful to cut them before going to the coloring step. Then, offer them special care for colored hair and masks so that they remain shiny and silky and avoid the straw effect.

Easy to maintain coloring

Ombre hair is very easy to maintain: the coloring can adapt very well to the regrowth of your hair. Indeed, the roots remaining “natural”, no need to touch them up.

Ombre hair enhances all cuts.

The hair trend is not the preserve of long hair, on the contrary. A trendy bob, wob or lob version, short for long bob, is also perfect for a ombre hair. Combined, they will enhance your face. The same applies to the texture of your hair. Smooth, they will give you a glamorous look, wavy they will offer a sexy back beach look.