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Sliming program

Programme minceur au quotidien Programme minceur au quotidien

Hello to all,

So today, I really wanted to share with you one of my secrets that keep me in shape.
Indeed, like all women over the age of 30 who have had children, I realize that I have to work harder to stay in shape. To please myself first, but also to please the man in my life.
Not always easy with our busy calendars, is it ladies? In addition to work, the house, household and children, a little sporting activity is an exploit. Especially since in addition to the time that it is difficult to find, the cost of the subscription to the gym also considerably slows down our good resolutions.


However, I said to myself: “I can’t let myself go.” The “drop in the butt” syndrome at 35 … no thanks.
I really needed a solution to find the time to take care of my body. After all, isn’t that the only place we have to live? In this case, why should it pass after all the rest?
It was then that by reading personal development books (I love this kind of reading), I discovered that it was possible to organize your day in order to do activities vital to our well-being, everything taking into account the constraints of our daily life.

We start by downloading…

So I decided to set up a morning routine by getting up a quarter of an hour before everyone else to do physical exercises.
After all, 15 minutes less sleep, what is it?
So I took advantage of this quarter hour in the morning, only for my body.
A little physical activity or cardio, as soon as you get up, nothing like starting the day off right. I assure you !
I also discovered a really fun, practical and motivating application on my smartphone.
It’s called: 7 minutes workout.

Let’s take stock of this “app”

There are 12 exercises to do every morning in 7 minutes to strengthen your whole body.
Wonderful! I started setting up this routine recently with my sweetheart. Together, it’s even more motivating. We are really pleased with this find. It does not ruin us in 2 subscriptions to the gym. Exit also the feeling of guilt which invades you at the end of the week, when you realize that you have not practiced any physical activity worthy of the name, while the national campaigns always tell you the same catchphrase: “For your health, practice physical activity … etc. ”
So we exercise on weekdays without cutting back on time on our weekend that we prefer to spend with our children or as a couple.

To conclude

I really recommend this app. At home, it turns out to be an excellent asset. Especially in winter because for my part, in summer, I prefer to go out to run and enjoy the sun. But these exercises can also be practiced outdoors, by the seaside, in the forest, in a park, etc … It’s up to you. Once the fold is taken, the possibilities are endless. As always, just get started!

If you, too, have ideas to share, such as other morning routines, for example, feel free to leave me a comment. I will be delighted to discover them. Or if you decide to test this tip (with this app or another one for that matter), I will be delighted to read your feedback on this.