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Slim and beauty Nice Côte d’Azur

It is first of all a state of mind, a concept that goes through daily suggestion.
I am beautiful, I am beautiful and I want to remain so. Or … I don’t feel good about myself but it will change. Therefore, I will be beautiful, I will be slim, I will feel beautiful, I want to feel thin, I want to feel beautiful … etc. Positive self-suggestion is the best of allies when it comes to taking care of yourself. Any doctor will tell you.

Of course, there are many products and methods when it comes to looking after your appearance or keeping your figure. But it all starts in the head, with suggestion. With the desire to be or to feel beautiful or beautiful. And all of this is far from superficial. The external image that we want to project is the mental image that we have of ourselves. Or the one we want. It’s not nothing !
If you don’t feel well, in your slippers, your sneakers, your shoes, it is the head and the heart that are affected. And negative thoughts flock. Feeling good with your body, round or tall, your hair, long or short, your bun, your costume or your tank top, is already a giant step towards well-being, positive thoughts and ideas.